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I'm quite sure no one reads this any more, since I've been idle for like, I don't know, very long? I've been so busy with non-academic-related school activities and really left the music part of me for dead. Now I feel like I should turn back and be musical again. not that floorball and softball are no fun or anything.

That said, softball. I've been playing softball since I entered university. Never a sporty person, I just thought that I should challenge myself by doing something different. Well, I did it, and I even have a number-assigned school jersey to prove it. That said, I was never good at it, at least not as good as I was a musician in school. Did I enjoy it? Well, while it lasted I guess. Of late, it's been more like a mundane routine to head for training every Thursday evening. The structure's gone, most of the people are gone. It's really like a dying club, to be honest with you. Yet I'm still there, as a member, as a player, as a friend.

Then there's floorball, an entirely different sport. Super intense, extremely fast-paced. Now this is one fun sport. Well, floorball was actually my first choice, but they never called me up. Maybe I wasn't good enough then, maybe I wasn't proactive enough to approach them either. Anyways, I started playing floorball last semester (I nearly said that I started playing floorball 'again' - that would have sounded really weird, but anyways.) It is really fun! An entirely different sport that focuses a lot on fitness, rather than technique. So, I was invited to join Blizzards, their club team, and I'm in the midst of trials. I'm in it for the fun, but the trials are making people very edgy, like they're pressured to perform, to outdo one another. I repeat, I'm in it for the fun.

Busking auditions next week. Have yet to prepare and practice. Will be getting down to it as soon as possible. Can't wait to start busking in public. I guess another reason why I have stopped making music is because I left my rock band, and also because there aren't any really nice songs lately. I guess I should start digging Youtube for potential covers to do. Any suggestions? Would love to hear from the people who are reading this, not that I'm expecting replies, haha.

So yeah, a glimpse into my four weeks of school.

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