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The Long Weekend

So yeah, hurray, my long weekend starts today. Right.

School has been fine, seeing all the peers again after so long. The usual gossips and, I don't know, group forming and presentation wars? One thing struck me though, it's only the first week and the library is filled. No, it's not because of the new people (they are only a miserable 200+ this year, by the way). I saw people flipping books and studying. I was like, "What?! Already??".

Skipped training yesterday because of the rain. I dislike muddy fields. It's the OCD getting to me.

Haven't heard anything from the band. They've been busy with Raya. Let's hope we get on to business soon. Speaking of which, I'm intending to take up keyboard lessons. Let's hope I don't give up halfway this time.

Life, is currently a walk on tight rope.

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